Baby Blanket

Spring baby blanket

For the past month I have been crocheting on and off a corner to corner baby blanket. Corner to corner means that you start of at one corner and finish at the opposite corner. The yarn I used was hobbycraft baby prints in lime, I used 4 balls. I love the colour, reminds me of spring or summer when the grass is a lovely sunny green and the buttercups are out on a bright sunny day. The tutorial I got is from a youtuber Bella Coco, she also has her own website and Facebook groups.

The blanket measures at approximately 31 inches by 34 inches.

I really love the colours, wished I came across these colours when I was pregnant with both my children, as I was obsessed with greens and yellows, still am, I don’t like the traditional blues and pinks.

I really liked doing this corner to corner and I plan on doing loads more. If you have made corner to corner items please show me some of your makes, I love looking at what other people have made.


2 thoughts on “Spring baby blanket

  1. I’ve just been asked to make a baby banket in green and yellow and I love it! Can’t be doing with blue and pink either. Is it easy to make a corner to corner blanket? I’ve never tried but I’m definitely interested.

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    1. It’s very easy. The only downfall is that once you have built it up a bit it feels like you are just continuously doing the same thing over and over and don’t feel like it’s going to end, but once I the all the increasing had if the decreasing is done it’s quick again. Definitely give it a try. Will have to show me when you finish.

      I’m not one for traditional blues and pinks. With my son I loved green and with my daughter it was yellow but I love both colours on them.


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