ABC Building Blocks

2nd March was my daughters 1st birthday. She is at that age where I don’t really know what to get her, she has her brothers toys that he has out grown, clothes she’s still in 6-9 months going into 9-12. I wanted to try and follow a graph. So we brought her a toy we saw in the sale at Sainsburys then I wanted to make her something, so thought I’ll do building blocks which became 1 block. I found a free graph pattern on Ravelry. I never followed a graph before so I found it easy to follow. I used a 3mm hook and did double crochet (single in US)

There are few mistakes, but that’s all part of the learning get curve.

I used some of the Aldi yarn I brought the other week, I have done a blog post about it, as well as other yarns that I have had for a while now.

I really enjoyed making the one, might even make some more with other alphabet letters on. I wanted to make numbers too, I did ask the designer if she had number but she replied back saying she hasn’t got round to do the numbers just yet, but she told me how she did the graphs, but I just haven’t got the head on to make the graphs.

I followed a tutorial on YouTube to put all the pieces together to make the cube. 

My daughter likes her cube and seems very happy with it.

Have you made anything for family members and they really enjoyed it? Show me your makes, love seeing what other people make. 


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