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Book haul

I have been buying some books from the works. One came last week and I wanted to do a blog post then about the books, but the other two never came until today. So now I can finally make a blog post. All  crochet or craft related in some way.

I am also waiting for a notebook from the works, tracking says it should come Thursday. It’s so I can write down ideas or stuff to help me turn my hobby into a business, if you can’t tell by one of the books.

I am in a few groups on Facebook and someone posted a link to a blog, which was about public liability insurance, well the blog was is the owner of this book Finnart Pullen,  I haven’t had a proper read of this book just scanned it and I am already in love with it. It was £10.99. It talks about the legal bits of a business to promoting online and offline. Think it is ideal for anyone who is starting a business in UK as it also give links to website that you may need to visit.

The next two book are crochet books that came today. Both cost me £4 each. Both have loads of patterns in that I already want to make. Also have basic crochet stitches, on how to do it.

You will have to keep an eye out on things I make from these books. Definitely looking forward to making things from them.

Have you got these books? What do you think of them? Have you made anything from them, if so please share, love seeing other people’s makes.

What are you favourite crochet or craft books? 


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