Cakes everywhere

Everyone who is involved with knitting crochet will know how popular the Caron Cakes are. Since getting back into crochet last year I came across posts in crochet groups about them and that people in UK wished they could get them over here. I don’t know much about them but I’m guessin they are big America. However this month both Hobbycraft and Bella Coco store has started selling these. I have been wanting one for ages to see what the fuss is all about. So my nan was going to fish place near a hobbycraft and I asked if she could pop in for me and get me one. She brought it up for me today.

I got the pistachio one. £10 at hobbycraft, believe they are £9.99 on Bella coco store. I now have to look for something to make with it. So if anyone as any ideas please let me know. Hobbycraft is also doing a competition to win 5 balls of the Caron Cakes. Have to show what you have made with the Caron Cakes. I want to enter it. Would be awesome to win, but it also nice to show of my makes.

With the popularity of Caron cakes I have notice woolcraft makes them and call them woolcraft cakes. I’ve heard they are around £6.99 and they are exact same, made in the same factory, but only have 10 colours where Caron cake has more. I also saw today on my instragram that stylecraft is doing them but calling them candy swirls and asking people to name them. So the style of ball is getting very popular. Wonder if anyone else will start making their own.

Anyway please give me ideas to make with one ball of Caron cake as the pattern that comes with ball says you need 2 balls, which don’t help has I only have one and I haven’t got a clue what to make with it. Something simple too please.


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