I’m still crocheting

So I haven’t made a post in a while and I can’t sleep, so I thought I’ll make a post about where I have been and what I have been doing.

Well 3 weeks ago the easter holidays started and on the Sunday my family and I went on a mini break as a family for the first time. We went to Cornwall for 3 nights and visited eden project which was fun. I was going to take some crochet projects with me but in the end I didn’t I thought it was a break from crocheting and enjoying family time.

When I got back to reality I thought I’ll start a project using some wool I got from Aldi last year. Im guessing it’s super chunky as it says to use 8mm hook, however I dont like the texture and because of that I could not find a pattern I like. I tried 3 different ones. Nothing, so this made me have a break from crocheting for a week or so.

I then decided to use a different yarn. Now this yarn is only sold at hobbycraft. It’s women’s institute soft and silky. I like the colours in the ball, but when I tried using it for patterns I hated it, I hate how fast the colour changes. I eventually frogged my project and restarted another I must have done that about 3 times until I decided on c2c.

The picture doesn’t actually give the colours justice. I’m warming up to the colours too now. I want to try and get it finished by Tuesday as I have some yarn coming hopefully. Ice cake yarn. Companies using the cake style to their advantages now as I never heard of ice yarns before.

Thank you for taking your time and reading my blog post. Have you got any yarns that you dislike? What are you favourite yarns?


5 thoughts on “I’m still crocheting

  1. I love the yarn in your blanket! I’ve got some super chunky aldi yarn, I’m just using it up to make baskets. Mine is the sparkle one and it makes a funny noise, like crocheting with bubble wrap!

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    1. The yarn is definitely growing on me, but I find not all patterns will work with this yarn. Haha, I make sure not to get the sparkle on, I probably won’t like the texture of it on my hands.

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    1. Thank you. You should give it ago. Get a hook and some wool and use youtube as a tutorial. It’s very easy but guess can say that about anything once you get the hang of it.


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