One finish, another one starts.

My last blog was about a c2c blanket I have been making, well I have finally finished.  I used Women’s Institute yarn exclusive to hobbycraft. If you haven’t read my previous post then go and read that on what I feel about the yarn. I have warmed up to it but I don’t think pictures give the true definition of the yarn, so excuse my pictures of it.

The blanket is approximately 29 by 29 inches. I currently have it in my folksy shop, thought I try and start selling some of my works and see where I get to with it. Try different formats and see which works best for me.

Now that I have finished the blanket I have started another project. I am unsure if it is going great to be a blanket or a cushion cover as of yet. But u do have a few pictures of my progress for it. I won’t give too much info about it as I would like to have its own blog on where I got the pattern from etc and to give credit to the designer as it is such as beautiful design.

This was what I did yesterday.

This last picture is what I have done to it today. Some people who have seen the pattern will probably know what it is, so if you do please keep quiet until I make a separate post about it. It definitely needs it own post when I have finished with it.

What has everyone been working on? 


5 thoughts on “One finish, another one starts.

  1. Your C2C blanket looks lovely! I think I got a skein of that yarn for my birthday.
    I haven’t actually hooked anything since finishing my 2 blankets at the weekend, I’ve been working on making some greetings cards to go in my shop instead. I may have temporarily crocheted myself out!


    1. Thank you. It’s is lovely yarn I just don’t think can do alot with it.

      I got crocheted out last month but I think it was this yarn and another yarn I was struggling what to make with them and how to make them look decent.


  2. The blanket is lovely! The colors of that yarn are really really pretty. As usual I have about 5 projects that are mostly done but can’t seem to finish any of them LOL 😀

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